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Hunstanton Holiday Photo

One more Pingu

We’re into this routine of going away just before the wedding season officially kicks off, it’s perfect because not only does it nicely coincide with Imogen’s birthday, it also gives me the time to reflect on what exciting gifts the year has offer. Last year we went to Wales, we’ll always keep it in the UK because there’s so much of it we haven’t seen yet.

Imogen is growing up so quickly, when I pack up my kit and head out for a pre-wedding shoot she explains that “Daddy is going to work”, melts my heart each time. Even at the tender age of 2, Imogen is showing wonderful imagination skills – maybe she’ll follow her dad into the creative industry!

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Searles Holiday Park, Norfolk

2015 is my busiest year yet. I have 37 41 weddings booked, that’s 37 41 stunning brides, 37 41 nervous grooms, and 37 41 amazing unique stories to document – it may even be more by the time the year is through!

Ask any of my friends, they’ll tell you just how much I go on about how lucky I am – completely blessed to have this amazing opportunity to document weddings. No matter how many enquiries I receive, or how many letters of thanks I get from teary couples, I’m continually humbled and honoured. Wedding photography has taken me places (both physically – shooting all over the UK, and spiritually), and as the Spring of 2015 jumps into life I’m buzzing with excitement for where my own journey will take me.

So, buckle up, and get ready for an incredible year ahead, the next 9 months are going to be out of this world.

Best of 2014 - Storry Photography

Infinite Love is the only truth.

2014 has been an incredible year!

I’ve had the honour of documenting so many beautiful weddings and have met such wonderful couples. I have been invited into families, welcomed into homes with warmth and love, and trusted to shoot their most precious day. I’ve also and made countless friends along the way.

Thank you to all of the people who have supported me throughout the year – and a special thank you to my wife and daughter who continue to be my biggest inspiration and source of energy.

I love you all


wedding-35Louisa + Nick WeddingAshish + Seema WeddingAditi + Amit Weddingwedding-41Imogenwedding-37Aldeburgh & Southwold, May 2014Aditi + Amit WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingDonna + Terry EngagementBelle + Tim WeddingAditi + Amit WeddingLouisa + Nick WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingRhea + Tom WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingJo + Andy WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingJo + Andy Weddingwedding-18Belle + Tim WeddingJo + Andy WeddingAditi + Amit WeddingRhea + Tom WeddingLouisa + Nick WeddingLouisa + Nick Engagementwedding-42Jo + Andy WeddingLouisa + Nick WeddingNeena + Hetal WeddingLouisa + Nick EngagementRhea + Tom WeddingLouisa + Nick Weddingwedding-35Louisa + Nick EngagementImogen Santa Train 2014Neena + Hetal WeddingLouisa + Nick WeddingBelle + Tim WeddingAditi + Amit WeddingDonna + Terry Engagementpre-wedding-11Molly 2wedding-17Rhea + Tom WeddingRhea + Tom Weddingwedding-22Aditi + Amit WeddingRhea + Tom Weddingwedding-20Aldeburgh & Southwold, May 2014Neena + Hetal Weddingwedding-26wedding-36wedding-43Monika + Barry Engagementwedding-25wedding-32Aditi + Amit Weddingwedding-39Aditi + Amit WeddingAditi + Amit Weddingwedding-29wedding-38wedding-32wedding-34wedding-40

Imogen at the park

It’s ridiculous how quickly Imogen is growing up. Time seems to speed up as you get older and I feel obligate to document every step of my beautiful daughters life as I see it.
I loved that we used to measure her age in days, and then weeks, then months. Soon her age will be quantified in years.

Imogen is an independent mobile little lady and she has ambitions.

Imogen at 6 months old.

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