Amalfi Coast, Ravello Wedding – Emi & John

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It’s practically impossible to describe Emi & John’s incredible wedding. Let’s rewind the clock a little and set an important stage for this beautiful journey.

Back, before I was a professional wedding photographer I met somebody who told me about the legendary ‘Amalfi Coast’. Dom explained that it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth and also the birthplace of his family. I googled and was hooked. So much so that the Amalfi Coast had become the only destination which I specifically wanted to visit and shoot a wedding in.

Many years later (late October 2015) I received an email from Emi & John, asking me to document their wedding – “by the way, it’s in the Amalfi Coast” it casually wrote…

I knew from our first Skype that this was going to be a spectacular adventure, with promises of stunning views and hard partying – I was on-board! The day was a blur of magic and romance. Every person I met was warm, inviting and totally uncompromisingly in the moment. I started the day by documenting the boys in Amalfi, followed by a run through the cobbled streets to join the girls at their hotel. The wedding itself was in Villa Eva, Ravello, a short 15 minute drive up rural snaking roads. Emi & John decided they wanted to meet up before the ceremony so I took John to a beautiful quiet street and we waited for Emi.

I’ll let the pictures tell the story from here on! 🙂

Emi & John. Thank-you for letting me be part of your journey. It was an honour and privilege to shoot, dance and drink with you (and thanks Lily & Jamie for setting this up).

Namaste my new friends.

EasyJet Wing flying over the AlpsAmalfi Coast, ItalyClassic Fiat 500 in Amalfi CoastPretty Chinese BabyTuck Tuck in AmalfiHappy GroomsmanGroom receiving a wedding presentGroom putting on a tie clipGroomsmen walking up a narrow Amalfi streetGroomsmen going for a walk on the morning of a weddingCoastal Wedding walk, RavelloWalking out of AmalfiJohnPort of AmalfiGroomsmen WalkingBridesmaid opening champagneBridal Prep in AmalfiBeautiful Chinese flower girlSilhouette of a bride having her makeup doneCrying BridesmaidMother of the bride from the balconyBride drinking champagne from the bottleBride laughing with bottle of MoetGirls laughing on the morning of a weddingCheers!Glass of ChampagneEmi putting on her wedding dressPortrait of Emi on her Balcony, Amalfi CoastGroomsmen fixing button holesGroomsmen walking into townThe drive from Amalfi to RavelloThe groomsmen arriving in RavelloFun Groomsmen PortraitGroomsmenJohn waiting for EmiJohn and Emi's first lookJohn and Emi's First LookJohn and Emi's First LookJohn cryingGroomsman laughing and smilingJohn and Emi, in loveBride & Groom walking along a Ravello cobbled streetAward Winning Amalfi Coast Wedding PortraitAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoBride and Groom happy and laughingCaffe Calce Ravello, Wedding PictureBride and Groom walking through the center of RavelloJohn and Emi Walking through RavelloGroom holding the brides flowersVilla Eva, Ravello ItalyWalking into Villa Eva for the first timeCouples Portrait inside Villa EvaA view looking down onto the Italy CoastlineWedding Guests ArrivingBeautiful flowergirls arriving at Villa EvaBridal Party leaving for the weddingBride and her dad outside Villa EvaWalking into Villa EvaWalking into Villa EvaAbout to get married nervesBride CryingAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoRavello, Wedding CeremonyChinese Wedding Ceremony in ItalyGroom smilingAmazing wedding silhouette, Amalfi CoastFirst KissPretty bride laughing after the wedding ceremonyCheers in the beautiful golden sunlightHuge Wedding SelfieWedding guests talkingJohn & Emi in loveCouples PortraitCouples PortraitCouples Portrait during Golden Hour, Amalfi CoastOn the roof of Villa EvaLemon Grove facing the SeaBridesmaids and Groomsmen arriving for the wedding breakfastEmi and John arriving for the wedding breakfastBride and Groom laughing during speechesWedding GuestBabies at the weddingEmi LaughingBridal party laughing during the speechesBride and Groom holding handsRavello at nightDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureDancing PictureTossing the BouquetDancing PictureDancing PictureWalking back down to AmalfiDrunk GroomsmanJohn & Emi

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  • Paul Mockford

    on July 5, 2016  7:49 pm

    Oh my word Aaron.. you've hit the heights man. Yes, gorgeous people in a gorgeous location, but the storrytelling is top, top drawer. Job: done.

  • Voyteck

    on July 6, 2016  8:25 am

    stunning set and dream location!

  • Natalie J Watts

    on July 6, 2016  8:29 am

    What a stunning location... those views, wow!! Really lovely work, the couple must be thrilled with these. Nx

  • Roo Stain

    on July 6, 2016  8:34 am

    Aaron dude, these are just beautiful, you can just feel the happiness radiating from the people in the pictures. You have 100% nailed the vibe of the wedding, they must be absolutely blooming delighted with these

  • Sarah Vivienne

    on July 6, 2016  9:24 am

    Divine! Yep, there's a whole lot of love and one hell of a party. Felt like I was there.

  • Luke Hayden

    on July 6, 2016  9:46 am

    You've captured some beautiful moments. Well done bro!

  • Simon Brettell

    on July 6, 2016  11:14 am

    Killer stuff Aaron - stunning location, beautiful wedding, amazing images

  • Albert Palmer

    on July 6, 2016  11:44 am

    Incredible and impossible to pick a favourite image. Nailed!

  • Shane Webber

    on July 6, 2016  3:47 pm

    Stunning set of images Aaron! Smashed it.

  • Rob

    on July 7, 2016  8:13 pm

    Love that silhouette in the ceremony!!!!

  • Peter Ghobrial

    on July 10, 2016  5:06 pm

    Awesome awesome awesome!!

  • Domenico Buonocore

    on July 11, 2016  1:37 pm

    Gorgeous and immensly picturesque photos from a very talented and good friend. And congrats to the beautiful couple!


  • Tobiah Tayo

    on July 11, 2016  8:36 pm

    Absolutely amazing from start to finish. The feeling you captured! Wonderful! Makes me want to be there!

  • Eneka

    on July 12, 2016  8:50 am

    AMAZING x 100!! The couple, the location, the photographer - super job. X

  • Peter@Babbphoto

    on July 14, 2016  8:43 am

    What a beautiful place to get married. And good work with that harsh light. Great set.

  • Chris

    on July 15, 2016  7:51 am

    Stunning photos Aaron. You've caught Amalfi perfectly. Well done my friend.

  • Anneli Marinovich

    on July 27, 2016  9:45 am

    Amazing work Aaron. I've been to Ravello and you've captured the essence of the town so well. Gorgeous set of images.

  • Anton Chia

    on August 8, 2016  5:42 pm

    Absolutely gorgeous and what a beautiful location!

  • Heather Kanillopoolos

    on September 12, 2016  9:46 pm

    I adore the emotion you captured!

  • Ben

    on October 15, 2016  8:04 pm

    Beautiful compositions
    Beautiful moments
    Beautiful light