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WOW! You’ve captured our day exactly as we remember it.
We are completely blown away!

As I travel through life I have the great honour and privilege of meeting so many wonderful people. Kelly & James are such people, kind and warm. I shot a wedding a few years back for some mutual friends and (apparently) they just knew in their hearts that they were going to have me document when it was their turn.

Kelly & James knew exactly what they wanted from their wedding photography – a beautiful honest record of their day, and that’s just what they received.

I’m proud to say that Kelly & James are now my friends. Here are just a handful from the epic day we shared back in 2015 at the stunning Barton Hall in Northamptonshire.

Check out their pre-wedding shoot here.

Funny Bridesmaid prep shotKelly Bridal Portrait hair picturePageboy PortraitQuirky Bridal Preparation PortraitClassic Barton Hall Black & White shot of kelly getting readyCute blue eyed little boyBarton Hall, Northamptonshire - Wedding Venue ExterierKelly - just before walking down the isleKelly kissing her dadKelly & James in the Orangery, Barton HallKelly & James in the Orangery, Barton HallKelly & James in the Orangery, Barton HallKelly & James - First KissBarton Hall Confetti PictureWedding FlowersWedding Guest laughingThe Orangery, Barton HallBridal Bouquet DetailGrooms SpeechGroom wearing a funny moustacheKelly during the Golden HourJames & KellyKelly & JamesGroomsmanPlaying football in the evening lightKelly & Jame - First DanceCrazy Dance PictureWedding guests playing limboEvening Guests Dancing and SmilingCrazy Dance Picture - Peace Sign

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  • Darren Gair

    on March 23, 2016  11:19 am

    Stunning set of images as ever Aaron. Beautiful couple captured so well with your awesome portraits and what a beautiful setting for a wedding, the ceremony images are amaze balls. Top work all round dude.

  • Luke Hayden

    on March 23, 2016  3:40 pm

    Beautiful Aaron! He shoots, he scores.

  • David Childers

    on March 23, 2016  6:26 pm

    Awesome story you captured. I love the dance photos especially, looks like a fun group!

  • Albert Palmer

    on March 24, 2016  11:24 am

    Beautiful! Love the shot of the ceremony taken from the outside - well seen!

  • Simon Brettell

    on March 24, 2016  12:23 pm

    Stunning stuff Aaron . . . such a lovely set of images

  • cassie cook

    on March 24, 2016  7:15 pm

    Gorgeous! Every shot has so much emotion and feeling.

  • Jentry Dryden

    on March 24, 2016  7:59 pm

    I love the way you have told the story of this wedding day. Incredible images - well done!

  • Briana Morrison

    on March 25, 2016  3:36 am

    This whole thing is pretty amazing. The little boy in the bowtie... that confetti shot! Love it all.

  • John Hope

    on March 25, 2016  1:19 pm

    Talk about all killer, no filler. Smashed it dude! Again.

  • lisa lacroix

    on March 27, 2016  12:41 am

    So fantastic. I love the perspective in your photographs. Killer!!

  • James fear

    on March 29, 2016  12:06 pm

    All Killer No Filler - Boom

  • pol sena

    on March 30, 2016  4:00 am

    these are beautiful! legit!

  • Nick Evans

    on March 31, 2016  1:21 pm

    What a crazy good celebration. You've absolutely nailed it!

    • Aaron

      on November 1, 2016  10:04 pm

      Thanks Nick :)

  • reportaż ślubny warszawa

    on March 31, 2016  9:10 pm

    Stunning stuff, great job!

  • kong wai

    on April 1, 2016  3:04 pm

    Amazing set ! Love your works

  • Christina

    on April 5, 2016  1:49 pm

    Lovely images! What a beautiful wedding!

  • Mercedes

    on April 7, 2016  6:55 pm

    Gorgeous! Your story telling skills are so good!

  • Anthony Eusebio

    on June 20, 2016  2:11 am

    Kelly and James definitely got their wish. Your pictures tell their story in a beautiful and artistic way! Bravo!

  • Paul Mockford

    on June 30, 2016  8:52 pm

    Smashed it. Superlative story-telling brother. Inspirational as always.

    • Aaron

      on November 1, 2016  10:03 pm

      Thanks Paul, really appreciate the kind words :)

  • Chris

    on July 15, 2016  7:54 am

    Killer photos Aaron. The brides eyes in the mirror is particularly striking. Top marks.

  • Tarik Ahmet

    on September 29, 2016  8:36 am

    Lovely shots Aaron. Really nice work on your site.