The Best of 2016

Aaron Storry Wedding Photographer - Best of 2016

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The Best Documentary Wedding Photography of 2016

So here we are again my friends, at the end of another crazy busy year and reflecting on the last 12 months of everything I have accomplished through wedding photography. It seems to come around quicker each year and it feels like only yesterday I was writing up the 2015 annual collection.

This year has been a biggie for me, I’ve achieved so much. I’m usually terrible at giving myself praise but looking back I really have done a lot!

Most importantly my son Noah was born. He arrived mid November (less than a month ago) and as I write this he’s sat across from me snoring away – I’m very lucky to have him in my life and he completes our little family. I’ve also travelled a lot throughout Europe, photographing weddings and working on documentary projects. I feel blessed to have visited France, Ireland, Italy and Greece. In March I started working on an independent film following the refugee crisis back from Turkey across Europe and I’m extremely fortunate to have worked inside several camps including the notorious Calais Jungle and Moria in Lesvos.

Since the start of January I have also picked up 22 25 international wedding photography awards and at the time of writing this post achieved 87 MyWed Editor’s Choice commendations (which blows my mind!!!) + 2 MyWed Awards Nominations. I’ve also curated a Fearless Awards Collection and was nominated for the hugely prestigious Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography Award. I’m also featured as one of the top 42 international wedding photographers by WedInspire & one of the top 15 wedding photographers in the world by Wedisson Awards (number 13 to be exact). If that wasn’t enough I have also started a journey into higher eduction exploring a Masters in Photojournalism. All in all it’s been a year jam packed with excitement and adventure – never a dull moment.

2016 has been an important year, a year where I have really begun to grasp who I am and the photographer/documenter I truly want to be. I have set high standards and worked harder than I’ve ever done so in my life to realise my ambitions. I have made close friends and worked on the principle that experiences are better when shared. I’ve mentored other wedding photographers and put into the creative community. I have laughed, loved, cried and moved tiny steps closer to reaching my creative potential (which still feels a million miles away), but nethertheless, I’m just that little bit closer than I was yesterday.

As I do so every year, I would like to thank every couple from the bottom of my heart for trusting in me. Thank you, I am eternally humbled and grateful. Thank you.


P.S. The slideshow above showcases 200 images (just a tiny fraction) of my wedding photography from throughout the year. Turn up the volume, sit back and Enjoy 🙂 Below are my 10 favourite pictures
P.P.S. This has been the soundtrack to my year: You Won The Lotto (only 61 seconds) – thanks Gary Vaynerchuk

Holdenby House Stairs Wedding PictureAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoMyWed Editors Choice - First Kiss with ConfettiRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 19Award Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 22Award Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 28Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 26Award Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoMyWed Editors Choice - Confetti Picture from a Northants Festival WeddingRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 25Award Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 27Award Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoRangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 29

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  • Paul Mockford

    on December 13, 2016  1:28 pm

    Mega, top to bottom. Consistently banging. Nice one maaaan!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2016  1:47 pm

      Thanks Paul :)

  • John Hope

    on December 13, 2016  2:10 pm

    Epic stuff all the way! Loving the slideshow. When an unbelievable year you've had dude!!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2016  2:18 pm

      Thanks so much John!

  • Steven Rooney

    on December 13, 2016  2:48 pm

    Just brilliant. congrats on a great year Aaron!!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2016  4:42 pm

      Thanks Steven!

  • Adam

    on December 13, 2016  3:17 pm

    So good man, so so good. Really really enjoyed that.

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2016  4:42 pm

      Thanks so much Adam, I loved yours too! :)

  • Rob

    on December 13, 2016  5:09 pm

    So many great moments there Aaron! Congrats on a great year dude!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2016  6:49 pm

      Thanks Rob! It's been a crazy year :) Hope you're well

  • Ben

    on December 14, 2016  1:58 pm

    Oh The Larceny!!!!! Friggin amazin

    • Aaron

      on December 14, 2016  2:15 pm

      Thanks Ben!

  • Chris

    on December 15, 2016  1:57 pm

    Outstanding! It's like a smack in the face, but in a good way. Well done Mr S.

    • Aaron

      on December 15, 2016  4:53 pm

      Thanks Chris!

  • Matt Tyler

    on December 16, 2016  10:38 pm

    Fantastic work mate! What an incredible year you've had. All the best for 2017 - look forward to seeing what adventures you get up to.

    • Aaron

      on December 16, 2016  10:43 pm

      Thank you Matt, really appreciate your kind words :)

  • Thomas Blake

    on December 18, 2016  2:31 pm

    Oustanding range of images Aaron. You have had an awesome year. Am sure 2017 will be just as amazing!

    • Aaron

      on December 18, 2016  3:50 pm

      Thanks Thomas :)

  • Albert Palmer

    on December 21, 2016  1:46 pm

    Great set mate - here's to 2017!

    • Aaron

      on December 21, 2016  4:38 pm

      Thanks Bert!

  • Pete@babbphoto

    on December 22, 2016  8:10 am

    Hell of a year, great selection of pics, so much energy.

    • Aaron

      on December 22, 2016  9:13 am

      Thanks Pete! :)

  • Darren Gair

    on January 3, 2017  10:49 am

    Brilliant slideshow of yet another amazing year Aaron. You're reaping the rewards of all that hard work, thoroughly deserved buddy. All the best for 2017...

    • Aaron

      on January 3, 2017  12:20 pm

      Thank you so much Daz :) Here's to 2017!

  • Latzo

    on January 6, 2017  9:42 am

    Simply gawjous mate. Nobody does it better. You are a very gifted artist !!!

    • Aaron

      on January 6, 2017  11:43 am

      Thank you so much Latzo! To 2017 and beyond :)

  • Neil Redfern

    on January 6, 2017  10:57 am

    Wooooah!! Absolutely killer images Aaron, so so good. What a year 2016 has been for you! Great meeting you last year too

    • Aaron

      on January 6, 2017  11:44 am

      So kind Neil! Thanks for your super kind words :)

  • squash court

    on January 6, 2017  7:24 pm

    It is a collection of photographs gorgeous congratulations and keep up the good work

  • Kathryn

    on January 6, 2017  10:07 pm

    Brilliant Aaron. Congratulations to you on a fab year! And your new baby boy too! How wonderful. I really enjoyed watching the video. Beautifully executed. Top work!

    • Aaron

      on January 9, 2017  2:06 pm

      Wow Kathryn, such kind words from an amazing photographer - thank you so much! Little Noah is just the best and I'm very privileged. Wishing you well for 2017 :)

  • Sam Docker

    on January 9, 2017  1:40 pm

    A knockout collection dude, such amazing variety and storytelling, well done fella!

    • Aaron

      on January 9, 2017  2:05 pm

      Thanks Sam :) All the best for 2017 and beyond!!!

  • Steve Rideout

    on January 12, 2017  8:53 am

    Quality all the way. 'Rising' star my arse.

    • Aaron

      on January 12, 2017  12:15 pm

      LOL, thanks Steve!

  • Bart

    on January 14, 2017  11:50 pm

    Fantastic! Great year :D

    • Aaron

      on January 17, 2017  9:55 pm

      Thanks Bart!

    • Aaron

      on January 20, 2017  5:18 pm


  • alline beatrici

    on February 19, 2017  9:09 pm

    awww Aaron, always one of my favorites!!! congrats on the always stunning photograohy + Noah!!!! :) xx

    • Aaron

      on February 19, 2017  9:13 pm

      Ahhh, Alline! Thank you :) Your 2016 looked amazing too! Here's to 2017 and beyond x

  • Paul keppel

    on March 18, 2017  3:06 pm

    Congratulations these are stunning, 2016 was a great year

  • Fotograf Nunta Brasov

    on May 30, 2017  11:17 am

    Absolutely amazing images.
    Love the emotion in the photographs.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Matthew Long

    on June 1, 2017  11:29 am

    Incredible work man, what a year. Love the slideshow, I just wish it was a bit slower so that I could soak up every single image!

  • Andreas Henschke

    on July 13, 2017  2:23 pm

    Love your picture style. Very good slideshow that shows a lot of emotions.

  • destin wedding photographer

    on October 19, 2017  9:16 am

    The images are fantastic. I especially like the one with the bride throwing the bouquet, great moment and great emotions captured.

  • Craig Garrison

    on October 19, 2017  9:20 am

    The images are fantastic. I especially like the one with the bride throwing the bouquet, great moment and great emotions. I am a destin wedding photographer and really appreciate a well-taken photo.

  • Markus

    on February 2, 2020  10:32 am

    Great pictures! Very inspirational