The Best of 2017

De Vere Staverton Estate - Wedding Photography Bouquet TossingAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

Nothing exists except through human consciousness.– George Orwell

The Best Documentary Wedding Photojournalism of 2017

Each year I do an annual round-up, and each year I say how things are better than they’ve ever been – I talk about all of the achievements won and friendships made and then comment about how the following year will be even better, it’s a predictable pattern that most wedding photographers follow (here’s my 2016 round-up). But the thing is, 2017 really has been an incredible journey. I’ll start at the beginning:

My son was born in November, 2016 – and I’ve had the entire year to get to know little Noah. He’s all of the best bits of me and more. Imogen also started school in September and continues to wow me. She’s so clever but humble at the same time. I literally cannot put into words how blessed I feel to have 2 perfect loving wonderful children in my life. I have always said to my couples that “I document for the people that haven’t been born yet” and I’ve felt that more than ever this year. It puts a new perspective on things. I can’t wait to be around my 2 angels and there’s no doubt that both Imogen and Noah have influenced and inspired my work. And then my gorgeous wife and best friend Lindsay. Everything I have is because of her – she is the glue that holds our family together especially when I’ve taken on too much work. To say I’m lucky to have her is an understatement. She is the kindest most caring person I know – and she influences and nurtures my creative soul.

On the morning of Thursday 30th March, I was informed that I had secured a place at the University of the Arts in London to study for an MA in photojournalism, a life long ambition. I was, and still am a little in shock about it all. My course leader is Paul Lowe, a hugely respected journalist that has covered many breaking stories around the world including the fall of the Berlin wall and Bosnian conflict. It’s a privilege to learn from somebody of Paul’s calibre and to study at one of the best institutions in the world. At the time of writing this I’ve almost finished my first term and things are going amazingly well. The feedback that I’ve had about my wedding photography has been immense. On my introductory tutorial I was told that my reportage style is some of the best in the world… When you receive phenomenal feedback from anybody it’s always an honour, but to hear those words come from an award winning war photojournalist is almost beyond comprehension.

And of course, my wedding photography (after all that’s why you’re here right!) – What. A. Year.

I’ve documented intensively this season, selectively hand picking amazing weddings that fit with my ethos. I’ve had a blast. I’ve (literally) laughed and cried. It’s been both exhausting and exhilarating! I’ve made even more friends and learned so much more about the world around me.

I’ve also shot some of the best wedding photography of my career and won a heap of international awards too (32 to be exact)
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t shoot for awards, however they seem to come – it’s almost a natural consequence of how I do my job. I have picked up 2 Fearless awards, 7 ISPWP’s (3 in the top 10, and 1 in the top 3!), 3 SLR Lounge awards (1 of them was a prestigious Apex award, only given to the top 1% of winners), 3 from the Wedding Photographer Society, 7 awards from Wedding Photography Select and a further 10 from Wedisson. And if that wasn’t enough at the time of writing this I’ve bagged an eye watering 78 81 MyWed Editor’s Choice commendations (5 of which have been short listed for the MyWed Awards of 2017).
UPDATE: As of 29th December, the ISPWP has me ranked as number 47 in the world! (or number 3 in the UK). You can read more about it here.

In addition to the above list of achievements I was nominated again for the Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography Award, and as of December – Fearless Photographers, Wedding Photography Select, GoHen, MyWed & Wedding Photographer Society have all ranked me either well inside the top 100 in the world or somewhere in the top 10 for the UK! Incredible!

You can check out all of my awards and commendations here.

I’ve travelled thousands of miles, shaken hundreds of hands and expanded my consciousness by seeing things from different perspectives.

And to my lovely couples that trusted in me to tell their story with honesty, love and devotion (and a large sprinkle of my unique action packed fun documentary style); thank you. I love each and every one of you and I am eternally grateful that I get to document memories of amazing things for amazing people.

In past years I have presented hundreds of photos on my annual round-ups, but this year I decided to go with my favourite 42. There’s no particular reason why I picked 42, it just felt like a good number. Reducing over 500,000+ to only 42 has been very hard, this is only 0.008% of everything I’ve shot this year! They’re in no particular order – just moments in pictures that I adore for various reason 🙂 Enjoy


Hindu wedding at Sezincote HouseFirst reveal at Brookfield Barn Wedding VenueAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoWells-next-the-Sea Laura and Tim in the SurfGrendon Lakes Northamptonshire, Award Winning Sunset First Dance Wedding PhotoAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoWoburn Sculpture Gallery - flare portraitAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoDodford Manor, Northants - Silhouette during Golden HourKama Sutra Wedding Speech at Dodford ManorAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoFaye & Hamish's Wedding BreakfastAward winning Sezincote confetti pictureHolly and Danny, Post Wedding Shoot - Pillow FightAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoHighgate House Award Winning Wedding PhotoAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoGorgeous sunset portraits over HertfordshireAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoWedding Dress MalfunctionSam being thrown in the air by his groomsmenAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoFunny confetti pictureAward winning confetti picture at Woburn AbbeyFlower girl at Dodford Manor in a symmetrical poseRockingham Castle - Wet Rainy Wedding Award Winning PortraitAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoDancing bride with amazing off camera flashTossing the WhiskeySamantha and Nathan, Award Winning Ceremony PictureLaura in the window of her house during bridal prepCat and Johnathan's first danceBrookfield Barn wedding photo of the speechesSarah's Emotional First RevealFunny Wedding Speeches - Rocking Castle WeddingEmotional teary bride during the best man's speechLucy and Michael, Award Winning Page Boy Ring PhotoUnusual quirky wedding portraitFirst dance at Woburn Abbey Sculpture GalleryFun Hindu baraat dancingGroomsmen group shot at Dodford manorPeak District - Kajal and Mayur Pre-Wedding Shoot 03An award winning cuddle pictureAward winning sunset portrait - Laura and Tim cuddlingBride and Groom fist pump as they arrive back at Highgate House, NorthantsFunny moment during the speeches at Dodford ManorConfetti madness at Dodford ManorSandra and Mikey - Wedding PhotographyMother of the Groom, first dance liftAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

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  • Chris

    on December 11, 2017  10:31 pm

    Well, well, well. Has it really been a year? Stunning work Aaron, There is an art to taking excellent photos, genuinely - and you've nailed it this year. I just wish I could have you for my future wedding! Congratulations on your awards, they are every bit deserved.

    p.s. there is a sheep with a purple bum x

    • Aaron

      on December 12, 2017  10:57 am

      Honoured. You're one of my best friends and I want to enjoy your wedding without looking at it through a viewfinder :) And yes, that sheep really does have a purple bum! Haha

  • Marek

    on December 12, 2017  9:29 pm

    Amazing set of images Aaron! Love the way you frame the photos and capture the emotions!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2017  6:56 am

      Thanks for your kind words Marek

  • Voyteck

    on December 13, 2017  4:34 am

    Great set bud, I wish there were more photos in this post!

    • Aaron

      on December 13, 2017  6:56 am

      Thanks Voyteck, less is more :)

  • rahul

    on December 13, 2017  9:15 am

    You've had quite the year dude! Amazing collection of images....all the best with your MA bro!!! Smashing it!

  • Tommy

    on December 13, 2017  3:02 pm

    What an amazing range of images. Wonderful emotion in each one and completely impossible to pick a favourite. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year Aaron am sure next year will bring you even more success.

  • Luke Hayden

    on December 13, 2017  5:24 pm

    Well played Sir. Another year of rocking weddings with your style.

  • Matt

    on December 14, 2017  11:27 am

    Love your composition and your colours. What a lovely set!

  • Louise Adby

    on December 14, 2017  5:24 pm

    Such a great set of images Aaron :)

  • Natalie J Weddings

    on December 15, 2017  10:47 am

    Gorgeous work, looks like you've had a brilliant year! Nx

  • Octavian Negoescu

    on December 15, 2017  2:33 pm

    No words that I can find could describe how much I love these pictures! Congrats! <3

  • Jeferson

    on December 15, 2017  8:01 pm

    A really nice set! Congrats for the excellent year!

  • Albert Palmer

    on December 18, 2017  3:46 pm

    What amazing year you've had - I loved looking through these. Here's to your 2018!

  • Jonathan

    on December 18, 2017  9:15 pm

    Well done dude. GREAT stuff as per usual.

  • Mark

    on December 21, 2017  5:14 pm

    Great mix of shots, looks like a wicked year

  • Ash Davenport

    on December 28, 2017  12:07 am

    I've been waiting for some time to have the time to give this a proper view and OH.MY!!!! It was worth the wait. Every frame has emotion, moment or epic skill and beautiful editing throughout! Very natural but purposeful and in some cases thought-provoking (2 page boys with bridesmaid). Awesome year dude! Cannot wait to see more in 2018!

    Pat on the back!

  • Lee

    on January 18, 2018  4:36 pm

    What a great year! That last image made me chuckle. Such cool colours and framing throughout. Good luck for 2018 Aaron!

  • Paul Keppel

    on February 9, 2018  12:43 pm

    Stunning range of images. Love the expression on the last photos haha.