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The best wedding photographers in the world are FEARLESS!– Fearless Photographers


Fearless Photographers is a directory of the best wedding photographers from around the world, and when I say ‘best‘ I really do mean ‘BEST‘.

This afternoon I found out that I had won another 2 Fearless Awards (taking my new total up to 6)!

These two photographs had previously won in both the WPJA and ISPWP contests, getting the Fearless seal of approval in the final contest of the year is the icing on the cake and a wonderful way to complete my 2018 wedding season.

Receiving these 2 new awards puts me into joint 5th position for all of the UK, an achievement I am incredibly proud of!

The first photo was taken at the exceptional Aynhoe Park during Chloe & Joe’s first dance, and the second for Charlotte & Neil for their pre-wedding shoot. Both black and white, both using off camera flash, both taken at 24mm, and both incredible moments in my life that will stay with me forever.

Thank you to my wonderful couples for trusting in me, you are fearless, and I honour you.

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