Fearless – Collection 47 Winner

Holly and Danny, Post Wedding Shoot - Pillow FightAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

Collection 47 Winner
10 points: Chad Winstead (3) + Jenna Shouldice (1) + Katrin Küllenberg (0) + Maira Erlich (2) + Paul Rogers (2) + Vlad Lodoaba (2)

Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 26Award Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

Honourable Mention

The best wedding photographers in the world are FEARLESS!– Fearless Photographers


It’s only February and it’s already been an amazing year for awards (please come back to the blog soon, there’s more to follow).

But for now it’s with great pleasure to announce another win for Fearless Photographers, a directory of the best wedding photographers from around the world. In this sensational collection, I was lucky enough to have a single image that was chosen and an honourable mention. There were over 11,000 photos submitted and only 135 winners (around 1%), so picking up an award in this round is an incredible achievement.

This new collection brings my total to 7 and puts me in 4th place in the UK!

The winning photo was taken at Holly & Danny’s post-wedding shoot and the honourable mention of that vibrant bouquet toss was shot at Quinton House in Northamptonshire for Fernelle & Lawrence.

You can check out the full collection here, and see more of my Fearless Awards here.

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  • Negoescu Octavian

    on March 3, 2019  12:00 pm

    Wow, I'm sure you are so honoured to have so many awards! Good luck to have more! Have a lovely year!

  • Jim Davidson

    on March 3, 2019  1:19 pm

    Nice work fella! Cracking images. Both brilliant - the one with the bridesmaids is great & a little scary as well!

  • Joshua charnock

    on March 3, 2019  2:07 pm

    Fantastic stuff mate. That top shot is something special for sure! Good luck for the rest of the year!

  • Blue Lily Weddings

    on March 4, 2019  7:22 am

    Both beautiful images, and so well deserved Aaron! Keep up the good work!

  • Nick Brightman

    on March 4, 2019  12:40 pm

    These two are amazing! Love the pillow fight one, does make me wonder what was going on?!

  • Dominic

    on March 4, 2019  12:52 pm

    Such great images, I really love the colours of those bridesmaids dresses. Nice to see something different for a change.

  • Eneka

    on March 4, 2019  8:56 pm

    Cracking photos, 100% award worthy! Well don Aaron.

  • Lucy Turnbull

    on March 4, 2019  10:59 pm

    Bloody hell, these are epic. This top one is totally insane

  • Tom Beynon

    on March 8, 2019  6:50 pm

    Congrats, two cracking images

  • Ashley Davenport

    on March 12, 2019  6:27 pm

    DUDE! Both images are worthy of Fearless images. Love the feeling you get from the first image. You can feel the movement, love and connection. Very good!

  • Ben Appleby

    on March 27, 2019  4:02 pm

    LOVE these!! no idea whats going on in the top image, but i love it!!

  • Paul Keppel

    on August 12, 2019  8:57 pm

    Awesome images mate, love the composition of the first one,