Fearless – Collection 56 Winner

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Collection 56 Winner

The best wedding photographers in the world are FEARLESS!– Fearless Photographers

It’s with enormous pride that I’m able to announce my 9th Fearless Photographers Award

Friends, who’d have thought it, five years ago when I entered into my first Fearless Photographers collection that I would have received 9 of these incredibly rare and precious awards. It was only last week, (catching up on blog posts since the start of the pandemic) that I was announcing my 8th Award, and here I am, a week later celebrating another.

There were just 178 winners in this astonishingly strong round. And with 12,000+ entrees that puts the odds of winning at a staggering 1.5%! Only 11 of the winners were from England which cements my position as one of the most commended wedding photographers in the United Kingdom.

I captured this incredible moment as Becky read a message from her husband on the morning of their big day. What you’re witness to is pure and raw emotion, and documented as a photojournalist – a fly on the wall.

If you’re planning a wedding at Barton Hall in Kettering, I would love to hear from you. I’ve documented countless weddings at this incredible venue, and it’s like a second home. In-fact I’m heading off to Barton Hall later to celebrate my 9th achievement with Fearless Photographers with a bottle of something cheeky. 😊

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