MyWed Wedding Photographers - Giveaway

Wedding Photography Giveaway worth £2,000

A year ago I made a promise to myself; if I was lucky enough to receive 200 MyWed‘s (as I call them) then I would offer my services to document a wedding for free to a couple that deserved it. On my birthday (11th July, 2018) my goal came in – so I’m keeping good on the deal.

I’ve had a MyWed account for just over 3 years – an incredible 37 months, and during that time I’ve been very fortunate and blessed in my business and family life, so I figure that it’s a good time to pay it forward.

You can look back over my last 3 collections here: 2016, 2017 and 2018.

In proud partnership with MyWed Wedding Photographers, and to celebrate 200 Editors Choice Commendations I’m delighted to be offering FREE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY (worth £2,000) to a deserving couple. I’m looking for selfless people that put others needs before their own, couples that have earned the right to be spoiled.

MyWed Wedding Photographers

Enter for yourself or nominate friends/family who you think are worthy. The deadline is Friday 31st August, 2018.