MyWed – 2019 in Photos

MyWed - 2019 in Photos

Stay far from timid, only make moves when ya heart’s in it, and live the phrase Sky’s The Limit– Biggie Smalls

It’s a quiet Monday evening in April and I’m starting to think more about the incredible year that’s ahead of me. I’ve been shooting weddings for around 10 years and at the start of each wedding season, I work through my pre-flight checks. It’s become a routine that begins with my cameras getting serviced and cleaned by Canon CPS and lenses either repaired or replaced. This all happens well in advance of the busy wedding season so I have time to try things out. Then we go on holiday, here’s where I document my family for a week (I continue to shoot throughout the winter but I love taking a week out around Easter to do something for myself). When we come back from our vacation it’s usually straight into it.. 6 months of back to back weddings.

As I look into the year ahead it’s impossible to know what moments I’m likely to witness (and document). It’s a thrill to know I’ll be chasing emotions. As my 2109 portfolio grows I hope to expand my collection of images on this page. MyWed continues to be the very best of the best wedding photography from around the world and I’m honoured to be ranked so highly in the UK.

Here’s links to my 2016, 2017 and 2018 collections, and you can check out my full profile here.

Funny Bridesmaid Drinking Booze

Funny Wonky Glasses Kiss

Bridesmaids Reaction in Black and White

Beautiful Bride Kissing her Dog

Funny quirky wedding photo

Stunning Black and White First Dance at Sudeley Castle

Tossing the Whiskey

Juggling Groom taken at Sunset

Cutting the Cake at Aynhoe Park

Fawsley Hall, Golden Hour Wedding Portrait

Wedding ceremony on the stairs at Ashridge House

Ashridge House Wedding Photographer

Ashridge House, Evening Wedding Portrait

Ducks at Northbrook Park, Farnham in Surrey

Sidney Sussex Confetti Shot

MyWed Editors Choice - Normanton Church

Wedding Breakfast Cheers, Chippenham Park

Bride and Groom Punting in Cambridge

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