ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographer in the World for 2017

MyWed Editors Choice - The Church Restaurant, Northamptonshire - Wedding PhotoAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.– Mae West

Picture this, it was a quiet Friday evening – about 10:00pm, and my phone starts to whir into life, it’s a pretty unusual time to be getting all these notifications, at that time of night!

I can hardly believe what I’m reading: “The ISPWP is proud to announce the 2017 Wedding Photographer of the Year, and the TOP 100 Wedding Photographers in the World…” I scroll down urgently looking for my name – and there I am, at number 46.

I knew I had done ok with awards this year (I’ve written about it more on my 2017 roundup) but to be named as the 46th best wedding photographer in the world by the ISPWP is literally something which I can’t put into words. No really; I’ve tried, in-fact I’ve attempted to write and re-write this post a few time to convey the sheer feeling of joy and pride – but my words always fall short. After all I’m a photographer and not a writer!

The ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) is an organisation of the best wedding photographers in the world. It’s competitions are judged by members and so it’s fair. The ISPWP is generally considered to be one of the most prestigious places to win awards for wedding photography and it showcases the best of the best… of the best. Collecting 7 in a year is incredible, but moving through to the top 100 is a different thing altogether. Of my 7 winners 5 are in the top 10, and of those 5, 2 are in the top 3!

In addition to the ISPWP naming me as the 46th top in the world, that also means (based on UK winners) I’m ranked at number 3 in the UK. I don’t know what’s feels better, being 46th out of everybody, or 3rd in the UK! Both are incredible.

Thank you to Joe at the ISPWP and congrats to all the other winners, especially my friend Cristiano Ostinelli who rightly took the No 1 position.

Below are my winners, all 7 of them for 2017. it’s a very proud moment in my life and the best Christmas present I could have ever hoped for.

Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2016 - 26Award Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

10th Place – Humor
Winter 2017 Contest

MyWed Editors Choice - The Church Restaurant, Northamptonshire - Wedding PhotoAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

18th Place – First Dance
Spring 2017 Contest

WPJA - Q3, 2016 - Reception. 5th PlaceAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

8th Place – Humor
Spring 2017 Contest

Bride and groom on a tandem bikeAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

16th Place – Framing the Subject
Spring 2017 Contest

MyWed Editors Choice - Amalfi WeddingAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

3rd Place – Emotional Impact
Spring 2017 Contest

Groom throwing his son in the air with joyAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

3rd Place – Humor
Summer 2017 Contest

Sam being thrown in the air by his groomsmenAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

10th Place – The Decisive Moment
Fall 2017 Contest

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  • Natalie

    on January 1, 2018  5:35 pm

    What a brilliant achievement, congratulations! Nx

  • Yolande DV

    on January 1, 2018  5:47 pm

    Fantastic images and congratulations Aaron!

  • Ben Pollard

    on January 1, 2018  6:26 pm

    Just like the last picture. Flying high!

  • Tommy

    on January 1, 2018  7:58 pm

    Awesome set of images I think my personal favorite is of the bride and groom on the dance floor being lit by the mobile phones.

  • Louise Adby

    on January 3, 2018  1:48 pm

    Love them all! but the emotional impact moment... thats really special.

  • Voyteck

    on January 3, 2018  2:51 pm

    killer shots, you have a great eye for the perfect moment mate. Congrats!

  • Bart

    on January 9, 2018  1:43 pm

    Great photos Aaron! You totally deserve those awards

  • John

    on January 11, 2018  6:16 pm

    All the awaaaaaards! Top work dude :)

  • Anna Zofka

    on January 18, 2018  7:47 pm

    Fantastic work! I can feel the energy, love and happiness in every image!

  • Paul Keppel

    on February 3, 2018  10:48 pm

    Awesome photographs, well done

  • Lee Maxwell

    on March 3, 2018  3:49 pm

    Congrats Aaron. That first dance shot got my attention straight away, not seen anything like that before!