Wedding Photography Select – Collection 35 Winner

Stunning Black and White First Dance at Sudeley CastleAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoBlack and White Award Winning First Dance at Anyhoe ParkAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoTheatre first dance with a single off camera flashAward Winning ImageAward Winning PhotoCouple dancing in an empty theatreAward Winning ImageAward Winning Photo

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worthy of attention; striking.

2018 has been something special. I’ve been documenting weddings for the past 8 or so years, and every year I try my hardest to push forward, working harder, striving to reach my fullest potential and creating art that defines both myself and my couples.

The WPS has just announced the results of Collection 35 and I was blessed to receive 4 awards:

  • All black & white
  • All off camera flash
  • All moments that will stay with me forever

The weirdest and most wonderful thing about this crazy career that I’ve chosen has chosen me is that I used to be pretty hopeless with flash. 7-8 years ago I was utterly clueless, I looked longingly at the work of others and dreamed of creating art with the help of additional lighting but I could never get my head around it. OCF (off camera flash) seemed far too technical and complicated! (f ??? at ISO ??? with shutter at ??? and literally no idea about the flash settings), but I faced up to my fears and tackled it head on making flash just another tool in my huge arsenal of skills.

Anything is possible – work hard, you’ll see 🙂

There were 143 winners overall of which 12 awards came from 5 UK photographers.
According to the email that came through, the chances of picking up 1 award was between 3-5% – I’m no good at maths but I guess that means the chance of picking up 2 awards drops to 1.5-2.5%, so 4 puts me in an incredible position! A massive congrats to my UK amigo Steven Rooney who seems to be cleaning up on the awards scene this year.

As is customary a HUGE thanks to my couples for allowing me access. Nothing you see on my website is possible without their trust and connection.

The first image was taken during Pippa & Alan’s first dance at the incredible Sudeley Castle in Gloucestershire, then it’s Chloe & Joe’s First Dance at the EPIC Aynhoe Park in Northamptonshire. The last 2 were shot at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton for Charlotte & Neil’s pre-wedding (their big day is still to come and I’m so excited for it).

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