Alex & Andy – Engagement

Most beautiful photo ever taken at Wells-next-the-Sea

Wow, just wow, these are so amazing!

The conversation went something like this:

Aaron: “Where do you guys like to hang out?”
Andy: “We like the beach a lot…”
Aaron: “Cool, d’ya want to go to the beach for some photos?”
Alex: “Sure!”

(and that was that)

I met up with Alex & Andy at Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk for some relaxed portraits. I get told this line a lot: “I don’t look great it photos” – but I never believe it, and I especially wasn’t going to believe it from Alex & Andy.

Two of the most beautiful people, a perfect match for each other – hanging out on a sound dune, on one of the most stunning beaches in the UK …AT SUN SET!

This job won’t ever be mundane or routine for me, not whilst I’m connecting with amazing people and shooting photos that they’ll cherish and remember forever.

Here’s just a tiny selection from our evening on the beach together.

Wells-next-the-Sea Beach Hut Pre-Wedding PhotoWells-next-the-Sea Beach Hut Couple WalkingYoung Couple at Wells-next-the-SeaAlex & Andy at Wells-next-the-SeaWells-next-the-Sea Sand DunesAlex & Andy walking up a sand duneDancing at Wells-next-the-SeaWalking in the sea, Wells-next-the-SeaWells-next-the-Sea SunsetWells-next-the-Sea Sunset KissMost beautiful photo ever taken at Wells-next-the-Sea

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  • tobiah tayo

    on July 11, 2016  3:17 pm

    Absolutely wonderful. That sky is to die for. Expertly photographed

  • Chris

    on July 15, 2016  7:52 am

    Look at that sky! Wow!

  • Pat Kelman

    on July 15, 2016  1:37 pm

    I love these Aaron - such a great rapport with the couple - the shot with them framing the sunset is beautifully inventive. Great stuff!

  • Natalie J Watts

    on July 17, 2016  4:12 pm

    This is gorgeous! Love the photos of them dancing in the sunset! Nx

  • Kristy Field

    on July 18, 2016  4:16 pm

    Beautiful work, love the sunset shots in particular!

  • Amanda Berube

    on July 20, 2016  8:08 pm

    Such a beautiful set of images. Gorgeous!!!

  • Bart

    on July 26, 2016  12:38 pm

    Great job, amazing couple!