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Award winning sunset portrait - Laura and Tim cuddling

Absolutely ridiculous!
They are amazing, thank you so much!

Before I was this busy I would take my family up to Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk quite a lot. It’s a special place for me, when I was dating Lindsay we’d visit quite often and when the time was right I asked her to marry me on the dunes just beyond the beach huts on a warm spring day. We returned to the same spot when our daughter Imogen was born (on a not so warm day), in-fact it was raining cats and dogs and we were the only people on the beach, but it was ok – we had each other.

It’s wonderful how the universe works, back in the summer of 2016 I had come to the exact same place with Alex and Andy for their pre-wedding shoot. It was on that same day that I took a call from Laura & Tim about their wedding, and I remember sitting on one of the beach huts steps (bare foot, and exhausted from running up and down the dunes with a camera) and talking through their big day as the sun was going down, I remember it clearly like it was yesterday – and I remember telling them that if they wanted a pre-wedding shoot then we should come to Wells-next-the-Sea. A year later and I’ve found myself back at the same place, a different couple but the same gorgeous light.

Wells-next-the-Sea never disappoints. A piece of my heart remains in the sand dunes and I’m grateful that we have such a wonderful place to get away only a couple hours drive from us.

Here’s a tiny selection of images from Laura & Tim’s Pre-Wedding shoot and the evening we shared together in Norfolk.

A gorgeous embrace at the seaWells-next-the-Sea cute cuddle on a sand duneDancing on the beachWells-next-the-Sea cuddling in the seaWells-next-the-Sea Laura and Tim in the SurfLaura and Tim - relaxed pre-wedding picturePre-wedding picture at Wells-next-the-SeaLaura and Tim at the beach huts at Wells-next-the-SeaSunset portrait - Wells-next-the-Sea

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