WPJA – Award Winning Wedding Photography at Sudeley Castle

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Blue MedallionBlue Medallion
Selected by three out of four judges in the contest

The Wedding Photojournalist Association – The top International directory of reportage and documentary wedding photographers.– WJPA

Things just got a little crazy around here… ANOTHER WPJA just came in!

You could be reading this at any point in the future so for reference it’s the 4th of July, 2018. I suspected something was up when I visited the WPJA website yesterday and there was another little blue icon up against my name. Blue Medallions are one down from the gold (the grand prize) but a blue is still a heck of an achievement! In-case you’re wondering what the colour coded awards system is all about, below is a handy guide:

  • Gold Medallion – Selected by all four judges
  • Blue Medallion – Selected by three of four judges
  • Purple Medallion – Selected by two of four judges in a contest.

I’d like to thank the WPJA – there’s heaps of wedding photography awards out there right now, probably too many, but the WPJA is one of the few that I hugely respect. For one thing the standard is insanely high and the voting system is open and transparent.

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